Day Out In Chester


So, last year in October I went to Chester… I’d never been before apart from to Chester Zoo which I love! But this time I decided it would be cool to look around the city and see the shops, the city is a nice size, not too big but not too small. And there are plenty of shops to look around!

Without using a map or having a plan what to do that day, I just walked around until I got to Grovsenor Park. The park is lovely but the best thing is definitely the squirrels, they aren’t like most timid squirrels, they actually come over to you (well, if you have food that is). So, if you get some peanuts they will come straight over to you and take them out of your hands, it’s so cute. It’s also great for pictures!



The park leads to a beautiful lake/river with LOTS of benches around so you can sit there and take pictures.


I just think it’s a really cute day out and it’s so cool to feed the squirrels so I thought I’d write about it and show some pictures 🙂


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